Inovation, expertise, speed, beauty

With over 18 years of experience in the import and distribution of cosmetics, dermatocosmetics, food supplements and medical devices, Green Net is a key player on this market, differentiating itself through innovative solutions, speed and expertise for health and beauty.
Green Net has a complex team of professionals with extensive experience. The entire business, from import to delivery to pharmacies, benefits from top-level marketing strategies and an impressive logistic force.



Import from the manufacturer

Merchandise transportation in Romania

Delivery to Green Net warehouse

Delivery from Green Net warehouse to the pharmacies

Thanks to the direct management of the retailer-end-to-consumer chain, end-to-end results and entrepreneurial style, GREEN NET is recognized as one of the best national representative of famous international brands. At the beginning of 2014, the new logistics center was launched near Bucharest, in Balotesti village. The new space has added value to the company by creating new facilities: the warehouse is based on the latest technological equipment in the field, allowing the management of a large number of products. The GREEN NET logistic chain has the support of Farmexim subsidiaries in the main cities in Romania, our company ensuring distribution throughout the country. The GREEN NET client list includes: independent pharmacies, pharmaceutical chains and drugstores. Our services and professional team, our maturity and experience have strengthened our partnerships built over time and contributed to the development of a successful business.