Food supplements and medical devices

• Aboca

Leader on the Italian food supplements and medical devices market, Aboca offers 100% natural therapeutic solutions, combining innovating plant science with the latest ecological technologies. A company that has always based its innovative product capabilities on ongoing research, guided by the vision of awareness of a close link between human health and the environment.


• Jamieson

Leader on the Canadian food supplements market, Jamieson benefits from nearly a century of experience. Founded in 1922, Jamieson is involved in developing innovative and high-quality products to sustain the health and vitality of consumers. Jamieson Laboratories are among the most advanced and sophisticated in the food supplements industry. The research seeks to ensure continued innovation and respect the promise of quality, purity and product safety.


• OptiBac

The OptiBac Probiotics range consists of different supplements containing live cultures - all natural, and with no added colourings, flavours or preservatives. The range includes supplements suitable for infants, pregnant & breastfeeding mothers, for vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs, and for those who are lactose intolerant. 

• Biocyte

Biocyte Laboratory, Expert in Nutricosmetics, has built a reputation as the new international market-leading reference of dietary supplements. The brand’s full knowledge, energy and permanent innovation are put to work to provide a highend range of products boasting beauty and anti-aging benefits. 



• Lierac

Founded in 1975 by a doctor, member and founder of the French Society of Aesthetic Medicine, LIERAC is the first French dermatocosmetic brand to follow a dermatological approach in the development of cosmetics. The brand is specialized in the correction of skin aging and aesthetic disorders and believes that efficiency and cosmeticity are two inseparable concepts.


• Caudalie

Offers a range of products to protect, correct and beautify your skin, making it healthier and lovelier. Caudalie products include innovative and patented molecules. All the products are set in “open” formulas; which means that they are constantly improved by including the latest scientific advances and guarantee maximum effectiveness. 


• SkinCode

Skincode AG, a Swiss skin care business, was founded in 1998 by a team of professionals with expertise and know-how in the cosmetics industry. The Skincode range of products includes two result-oriented lines to meet the demands and fit with the ever-increasing personal preferences. Built on the principle that the skin is a living organ and its genetic code must be respected, the Skincode range provides consumers with high-performance, innovative products, reflecting precision, purity and quality synonymous with Switzerland. 


• Phyto

Dermocosmetic products for hair care, based on over 500 natural ingredients. The main value of this brand is to develop a range of non-aggressive products that nourish and protect the hair and scalp relying on the synergy between advanced technology and the power of natural botanical ingredients.


• Foltène Pharma

Foltène Laboratories S.p.A, is part of a strong group focused on production of cosmetic and medical products: Gerolymatos International. Foltène hair care range was launched in Italy in 1974 and soon afterwards in France. Since 1981, Foltène has been continuously expanding on the global market. Foltène is the hair loss solution that has proven its efficacy following 41 studies in specialized university clinics, with millions of satisfied customers worldwide. It is the first hair care product to obtain the endorsement of the French Ministry of Health, which has authorized Foltène to say that it "Stops hair loss and helps regenerating it", which guarantees consumer safety without side-effects, at any age.

• Selsun Blu

Selsun Blu is the range of anti-stress shampoos with the highest recommendation rate among specialists around the world. The range combines anti-aging active substance with delicate active ingredients, making ideal formulations for frequent use, specializing in different types of hair and scalp.


• Bioxsine

Revolutionary products for intensive hair loss. B’IOTA Laboratories, the producer of Bioxsine, has adopted the principle of being the leader among the most reliable and preferred companies of its sector and it has defined its quality policy in line with this principle.


• Biosline

Nature is an inexhaustible source of raw materials useful to our wealth and beauty. While some principles are being used and pass down for centuries, it is equally true that many of them are the result of modern research continuing to explore the plant world. Biosline products are made in a simple blend of tradition and science.


• Bottega Verde

Italy's n°1 business manufacturing and selling cosmetics containing natural active ingredients, with more than 6 million clients. Bottega Verde believes in authentic, natural beauty, where the focus is on the teachings of Nature. Harmony, balance and wellness are the starting points for every Bottega Verde product formula, as confirmed by more than 300 natural active ingredients that form part of the precious heritage behind the cosmetics. 

• Harbor

With over 20 years of experience in skin, body and hair care products, Harbor Italia is a global brand. The Bach Flower Range uses Dr. Bach's method of rebalancing the skin using plant power. Bach has discovered the best way to support the physiological body well-being using plants and the natural ingredients extracted from them. The Phytorelax range is based on refined ingredients of the highest quality, with over 98% of natural origin. This range does not contain allergenic ingredients, ideal for non-invasive body formulations.

• Carmex

Brand No. 1 on the lips of Americans, Carmex has become since 1999 the most recommended lip balm in pharmacies. Made with moisturizing and protective ingredients, Carmex products are clinically tested and offer a broad spectrum of protection against harmful sun radiation. Carmex offers daily treatments for dry and dehydrated lips, regardless the season.

• Hydra-Oil

Range especially formulated to help diminish the appearance of scars and other skin discolorations such as spots and stretch marks. Hydra-Oil also aids in evening out skin tone and nourishing mature and dehydrated skin.


• Lytess

In less than 10 years, Lytess became the leading brand in the international market for cosmetic textiles. First global brand to offer a complete range of beauty, wellness and sport, Lytess develops products that combine advanced materials and technical knits with microencapsulated, unique and effective formulations.


• Sisma

Sisma Group is a renowned company dedicated to the development of products for body hygiene and medical care. Based on pure organic cotton, naturally bleached, without chemical ingredients, Sisma promotes innovation and quality, being also available for children. 


• Marvis

The brand revolutionized the concept of toothpaste giving it a multi-faceted, modern interpretation and an extraordinary appeal. Original, aromatic mixtures provide new, exquisite sensations that transform a simple daily gesture into a moment of pure pleasure. This evolution is based on a traditional processing method that guarantees a dense, compact texture, the maximum protection, an unmistakably fresh sensation and an extraordinary whitening effect.