13 years ago, GREEN NET launched BEAUTIK Haute Parfumerie, a successful business in the luxury perfume market in Romania. An exquisite selection of sophisticated brands is BEAUTIK's main business card: Maison Francis Kurkdjian, Diptyque, Caron, E. Coudray, Rance, Juliette Has a Gun, Costume National, Molinard, Lubin, Houbigant or Escentric Molecules are just a few of the resonant names in the world of luxury perfumes.


BEAUTIK Haute Parfumerie is a world full of refinement and history that revolutionizes with imagination, originality and uniqueness.

BEAUTIK Haute Parfumerie has 6 locations:

- Baneasa Shopping City, located in a residential area of the capital. Baneasa Shopping City is positioned as a mall of fashion and exclusive concepts, with modern and elegant architecture. 

- Mario Plaza Shopping Center, a shopping complex located in a luxury area of Bucharest. The unique blend of perfumery concept and precious elements that define the interior design outlines an aristocratic space where every visitor is subtly introduced into the world of luxury perfume. 

- Promenada Shopping Gallery, a new store concept,  dedicated to the art of perfumery. With copper inserts,  silky textures, extravagant lights and antique mirrors,  BEAUTIK Haute Parfumerie transposes visitors into a magical atmosphere which pampers the senses. A temple for the supreme creation: The Perfume.

- Palas Mall, Iasi, location based on an exclusive concept with a minimalist, elegant and modern design. The distinctive atmosphere perfectly complements the line of avant-garde flavors, belonging to famous houses, as well as new creations that revolutionize the perfume world with originality and uniqueness. 

- Afi Palace Cotroceni,  where you will find an unique elegant and refined space with a sumptuous design in accordance with the exposed essences,  and a modern style with precious accents - brass elements,  cement and marble inserts - completing a perfect sensory experience. 

- Constanta City Park,  an unique and rafined store located in Constanta, where you can enjoy niche scents in a luxurious design.